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About Us

Our Aim

Our aim is to alleviate the issues of hunger and poverty with a long term goal to eradicate them.  More than 767 million people in the world today live on less than a $1.9 a day. 815 million suffer from chronic hunger.  29.000 children die every day from poverty- related illnesses. The majority of people struggling to provide for their families most basic needs, relying mostly  on government assistance and other agencies which creates a system of dependence rather than a system of dignity and independence.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to work as a Non-Profit Organizations to change lives and build human beings. We use their own community as a liaison to support the hard working men and women, the widow, the homeless roaming the street, not knowing where the meal of the day will come from, High School Graduate who has no mean of attending university to realize their full potential, to prevent a generation of waste and break the cycle of poverty thus ending hunger. The value of money is not to store up wealth in property or possession, which translates into bank accounts, cars, and homes. The value of money is to change lives, build human beings.

Our Vision

Our vision is to alleviate hunger, poverty around the globe.

It is our understanding that the best way to end hunger and poverty is to bring opportunities to those who have been crippled by poverty so they can lift themselves. We Teach them to fish, not fish for them!

Our Purpose

End Hunger And Poverty’s Purpose is to serve the nations and fulfilled GOD’s Purpose in our generation.